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Fitness. Strength. Community. Lifestyle.

CrossFit Glen Ellyn is a strength and conditioning facility that develops individual athletes and teams to reach elite levels of fitness through “Constantly Varied Functional Movements Performed at High Intensity.” CrossFit programming combines resistance training, gymnastics, and cardiovascular endurance training. You simply will not find another strength and conditioning program that combines a greater variety of movements, tools, and time modalities.

And you will not find a more effective strength and conditioning program: CrossFit training methods produce rapid, tangible gains in all-around fitness for people at all levels, young and old, beginners and elite athletes, and everyone in between. When you join us at CrossFit Glen Ellyn, you will train incredibly hard; likely harder than you thought you were capable. Every day, our athletes set and surpass new standards for themselves, so they can “Be Better Than Yesterday.”

You also will not find a more supportive and encouraging group to train with. We call it “Community” and it is perhaps CrossFit Glen Ellyn's most unique and greatest strength. Because our training is so intense, and because we perform every workout together, a bond develops among our athletes that you simply won’t find anywhere else. We sweat, we strain, we expose our weaknesses and we eliminate them... together. And at CrossFit Glen Ellyn, we don’t make room for those with overblown egos or negative attitudes. Those types of people just don’t last here. We are competitive, but we are just as supportive; we are strong, but we are just as humble. We are athletes... we are CrossFit Glen Ellyn.

We passionately believe that by constantly striving to improve our facility and our coaching, the right people will find us and keep coming back for more. We promise to provide you with an intense, fun, and encouraging environment to help you “Discover the Athlete Within.”